Video chat can be done either by  (i) Skype or (ii) Yahoo Messenger.

1. SKYPE :

For video chat downloand and install Then Login and add Astrologer’s full name or skype name or e-mail which is as follows :

The full name is -  Acharya Om Shri Mukeshanandji Shastri (Guruji)
Skype name is   -  acharyaomshrimukeshanandji
E-mail is          -

Note :  Age 18(+)

After submit of order form from downward model you will be sent date and time of video chat which will not be more than 7 working days i.e. within 7 working days of placing the order from the downward model you will receive the date and time of video chat through the –email provided by you in the order form. Before submitting the form comment/query box will appear. There you will have to fill your full name, skype name and e-mail that you typed in the skype. The maximum time of chat will be 30 minutes and total amount will be Rs. 5100/-  Chat can be done in Hindi or English language.

The model no. is SKYPE.

Model Type Details Amount
SKYPE Video Chat Video Chat for 30 Minutes Rs.  5100/-


For Video chat you should must have an Yahoo Email Id. Yahoo messenger  should must be loaded on your Computer. Due to disturbance in microphones you will be given a Phone No. on which you will have to call at a given time on a given date. The date and time will be sent to you through your Yahoo Email provided to Guruji by filling the order Form by you. If you have no Yahoo Id then either you create a new Yahoo email Id  or you can borrow it from other. The maximum time will be within 7 working days of placing the order. The Yahoo Email Address of Guruji is At the given date and time you will find this Id “ON” on Yahoo Messenger of your Computer . You will have to make “ON” your Yahoo messenger and  Yahoo Id. of your Computer. You will have to click it to “ON” and at Active position. Then you will have to type at the chat column “Invite me to view webcam”.  Guruji shall go to “Action” and Guruji shall select “Invite to view my webcam”.Then you will have to accept the invitation. You will be able to see Guruji through webcam of Guruji. For the fulfillment of this process Guruji and you may have to restart the Computer for once or more than once.

Conversation will be on Phone only in Hindi or English language  Messenger will only from Yahoo. You may solve your problems related to Health, Marriage, Children, Business, debt, Vashikaran, Love, Divorce, Court Case, Home dispute, Black Magic, Problem from Husband’s second wife, Alcohol Addition, Drug Addictions, Education, Foreign Travels, Enemy’s downfall Cine-Acting etc. through chat. Solutional measures will be mentioned at the same time. Horoscope interpretations (reading) may also be done on your request. The total Video Chat time will be 30 minutes and charge will be Rs. 5100/- You can order for it from the downward model. The maximum time limit will be within 7 working days of ordering . You will have to put your Yahoo Email Id only in the downward order Form.  If you have any query please put the same in the Comment/Query Box of the Order Form. If there is any display name for your Email Id you may mention in the comment/query box  (All these will be performed on the basis of pre-payment).

Some Yahoo E Mail ID(s) are blocked for Web camera by the Yahoo itself. Please check the Web Cam connection on your yahoo ID, that whether it supports Web Cam video chat or not? After this you may order for Video chat.

Model Type Details Amount
YAHOO Video Chat Video Chat for 30 Minutes Rs.  5100/-