You can ask any Query related to Astrology/Palmistry/Numerology/ Tantra & Tarot Reading. You can Chat on telephone with astrologer OMSHRIMUKESHANANDJI and can solve the problems of life within no time. After placing of order you will be given a particular date and time by email on which OMSHRIMUKESHANANDJI will Chat with you and solve your problems at given time. The topics on which you can chat with astrologer OMSHRIMUKESHANANDJI on telephone are the following :-
Foreign travel, Higher study, Health, Finance, Marriage, Issues (children), Business, Career, Debts, Love, Divorce, Litigation, Home-dispute, Spiritual life, Love affairs & sex, Muhurata, General reading of horoscope, Gem consultation  etc.

The total chat amount will be Rs. 300/- per 10 minutes. The Astrologer OMSHRIMUKESHANANDJI will give you the phone no. on which you will have to call at given date and time. The phone no. and date & time for consultancy will be predetermined which will be given to you through your email address by the astrologer OMSHRIMUKESHANANDJI. The leading date with time will be within Twenty four working Hours of placing the order. You will have to fill up form which will be required to be submitted. After submit of form a window of shopping cart of ccavenue will be opened. Here you are required to make prepayment for booking of order. Rs. 300/-is charged for each 10 minutes of telephonic chat.

The mode of conversation will be in Hindi or English language.

Model Type Details Amount
T001 Telephonic Chat 10 minutes Rs.300/-
T002 Telephonic Chat 20 minutes Rs.400/-
T003 Telephonic Chat 30 minutes Rs.600/-