Tarot Reading : There are 3 cards to be selected. These cards will be selected by Om Shri Mukeshanandji on behalf of the Native. After selecting these  3 cards general predictions will be supplied by Om Shri Mukeshanandji to the Native.

*The very first card that Om Shri Mukeshanandji will draw onyour behalf will let you know your present state of mind while asking question.

** The second card that Om Shri Mukeshanandji will draw on your behalf will tell  you about the struggle that you have to under go for fulfillment of your desires.

*** The third and the last card that Om Shri Mukeshanandji draws on your behalf will give you the result of your Query

NB :  In the Query Box you can ask any query that will go to Om Shri Mukeshanandji. The query box can be seen when you select ORDER  and go to the Form.
Answers, Readings and Predictions will be given in English Language.
Model Type Details Amount
Tarot 1 Consultancy By Email Answering any two queries Rs.400/-
Tarot 2 Consultancy By Email General Reading Rs. 400/-