Numerology is a science of casting predictions as per numbers.The diffrent numbers are different planets. If a number is one it means it points to the planet sun which means power, authority and success. suppose any body has taken birth on 1,10,19,28 of any day. It means he has born on 1. So predictions will be that he will have the characteristics of good administrative power, he will achieve success in life and he will be powerfull & energetic.

Prediction N2 from astrologer OmShri Mukeshanandji from FUTURE CARE of India is very much enlarged,to the point, shows the life-graph and helpful to select any name for any person or institution.

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Know your benefic and malefic points as per numerlogy.
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N1 plus set your name as per numerology. (with life graph) (11 pages).
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Name by OmShri Mukeshanandji from Numerology (Model No. N3) : You can put name of your son /daughter/Firm /company/ your lucky name etc.You are to fill up birth detail form from ORDER.. Put your valuable comment in the comment / query box in the form. After reading your comment OmShri Mukeshanandji will suggest you the favourable name or  names. In case of firm or company birth detail of Proprietor or senior partner  or senior director / managing director will be needed. The name will be calculated from the birth rashi name or alphabets .Names can also be calculated on your choice of alphabet. Any name may also be suggested from the group of names provided by you.

To see samples in Languages other than English, your computer should must have installed Adobe Reader & Acrobate Reader software.

Answers, Readings and Predictions will be given in English Language.
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N3 Consultancy By Email
Name by Om Shri Mukeshanandji.
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