Horoscopes in all the languages are delivered only by e-mail (Digital mail). Email delivery has no extra charges. For charges of postal delivery go to section postal payment of this website.


Horoscopes are available in the 13 Foreign and National Languages
5 Foreign languages - English, German, French, Dutch & Nepali.
8 National languages - Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Assamesse & Oriya.
Dutch and Telugu Languages have only calculation Models. Other Models for these two languages are available in English. Assamese is available in Bengali and Nepali is available in Hindi Language.

Oriya Language is not complete. The section - ASTROLOGER’S PREDICTION is available only in English language. You can view the samples of all the 13 languages in model no. C4P6+T20 of section PREDICTION, model no. C0 of section HOROSCOPE CALCULATIONS & model no. M2 of section
Marriage Match.

You will be provided horoscopes in PDF format.


"No extra fonts will be downloaded by any body. Any body will be provided hard copy of pdf file in any of the 13 languages. The details for the languages is written above on the section languages"


All the Models are available in 13 languages except Model No. C4HRAD30+AD20 and Tarot Card. These particular Models are available only in Hindi and English Languages. Model Yoga is in Hindi language   only. For English language of Yoga please see Models under section Astrologer’s Prediction of this website. Other Models are available in all the 13 languages.

  • The models of the section Astrologer’s Prediction are available in English Language only.
  • Pocket size models (A6 size) are available from the section-Pocket Size Horoscopes of this website.
  • Book size Models (A5 size) are available on special request only. All the models are available in book size except the models for Astrologer’s Predictions and Pocket size models.

The samples shown in this website are from file size models (A4 Size) and the Pocket size Horoscope.

To see samples in Languages other than English, your computer should must have installed Adobe Reader & Acrobate Reader software.