Archana Maiti :- Guruji Had a done a fast “Vasikaran” to control my son.I got a good result.
Shreya Bhaskar :- There were many enemies who were disturbing me from time to time. Guruji did a “Shatrudaman” & I got relief.
Naresh Chatterji :- I did  “separation” among  two Persons. The result I got was beneficial. This was “ Vichched”.
Kaushal Ghosh :- I took a “Life reading” from Guruji & the prediction I got were 100% accurate in my life.
Pramod Gangooly :-I had a love problem Gurujihelped me through “Vasikaran” & I  married that girl.Both of us are a good couple now.
Nisha Banerjee :- Guruji is expert in “Vasikaran” I got relief from the daily problems  Created by my senior staff.”Vasikaran” helped on lot & he is under my control & now I am very happy.
Megha Chattopdhyay :- Guruji did a “Yagya” in the “Samsan Bhumi” to avoid enemies & to bring peace in my life.  I am happy now.
Deepa Bandopadhyay :- Gurujiis a very good Tantrik. He helped me a lot through “Vasikaran” “Bichchedikaran” & “Shatrudaman” from time to time. I was satisfied & my life became happy.
Anamika Sarraf :- Guruji gave me Ruby  Pukhraj & Basra Moti. All my problems were solved. “Vasikaran” helped me a lot.