Welcome to and join our expanding global network which offers advertisers to place banner ads on different pages of the website that suits their product and the coverage of the products. You can choose from two types of tariff plans -

Yearly Charge - Under this tariff, you are charged with a fixed amount on full year basis.

We accept single size of banner. (1) For Home Page (2) Inside Page (Specific).

All banners are placed at the bottom right column of the page in Homepage and other page of the site where you want. Your banner will contain a link back to your site, providing a better way to increase the more traffic to your site.

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  1. Homepage – Rs. 12000.00 (Yearly Charge)
  2. Other Page (Specific Page) – Rs. 10000.00 (Yearly Charge)

Size of the Banner (In Pixel)

218 (Width) x 119 (Height)