SALIENT FEATURES of FUTURE CARE founded by OmShriMukeshanandji

Available in English, German, French, Dutch, Nepali, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Oriya, Assamese, Telugu, Gujrati & Bengali,  Languages.

100% Accuracy of Calculations, Authenticity is guaranteed.

Option of North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Orissa, and Western charts with or without housing numbers.

Choice of Lahiri, Raman, K.P., Western or any other Ayanamsa.
Option of TRUE and MEAN Rahu available.

Extensive Horoscope Calculation contains Sudershan Chakra Shodash Varga, Shadbala, Bhavabala, Astakavarga, Karaka Avastha, Upagraha, KP. System with Significatores, Western System, Vimsottari upto Sookshma, Astottari Yogini and Kala Chakra dasa.

Special model is available on Remedies, Mangalik, Sadesati, Stones, Kaal Sarp Yog, Yog Kaarak and other favourable points.

Nakshatra-Phal model is unique model for newly borns & provides everything you expect from an astrologer.

Predictions have no Contradictions and are conclusive. Interpretation is given with consideration to health, finance, children spouse, parents profession separately. Yearly predictions require no knowledgeof Dasa to understand.


Varsh-phal calculations are comprehensive includes, Panchvargeeya, Dwadasvargeeya and Harshabala calculations, Varshewar deteminations, sahams, Patyanas Mudda & Vimsottari dasa in Sookshama. It also gives monthly calculations along with monthly predictions.


Horoscope Matching is in-comparable and authentic with final conclusion given by computer followed by interpretaion from the point of view of nature, health, wealth, children & Inlaws.

Horary Astrology is a new introduction. You can ask any question and our computer will answer it with utmost accuracy using the Date, time & Place.

MUHURTA ( perfect date & time for any auspicious occations ) is newly added.
Numerological predictions in details.
Lalkitab's complete calculations with Detailed predictions.

Astrology Fortune gives you exhausive & accurate calculations, progressed-chart, horoscope-matching, horary, astrological muhurath-computations. It not only gives you five kinds of dasa upto sooksma but also Shodashvarga, Astakvarga, Sudarshan Chakra etc. for better analysis for horoscope.


Astrology Fortune gives unique remedies like Stones & procedure to wear them, Saturn's sade-sati and other remedies to propitiate its bad effects and manglik consideration for marriage purposes. For newly born it has unique package Nakshatraphal.


Astrology Fortune has in built feature of chart style selections, ayanamasa selection, language selection, calendar selection, calculation style, selection model selection and many more selections to make selectiions & suit anybody's requirements. All this is presented in a neat readable file style formate easy to us & Handle.


Astrology Fortune gives you to choose colour horoscopes which are very modern, attractive & beautiful. All planets, charts and written matters are present in different colourful colours. Available at 10 times extra cost.

Astrology Fortune can give you pocket size ( 5.25"x4.25"), book size (7.5"x5.5") & file size (11"x7.5") Horoscopes.

  Astrology Fortune stands first in the world for its accuracy & style . See yourself before you believe it.
Internationally most reputed Astrologer, India's No.1 Palmist, Top Numerologist & Tantra Dosh Remedier OmShri Mukeshanandji is available to solve any problem in a social human being's life.